Commonly Asked Questions

What is High Definition Television (HDTV)?
High Definition television is a method of digital broadcasting that results in high-quality picture and sound.

What kind of signal do I currently receive?
Currently you receive a mixture of Analog and Digital (non HD) signals. All of our broadcast channels from Cincinnati and Lexington are in analog, while most of the premium channels, ESPN, CNN, etc., are broadcast in a digital format.

I have a Digital Package, why do I need High Definition?
Digital Television is not High Definition. Digital channels are broadcast in a digital format but not with the resolution of High Definition. Digital Channels generally offer increased clarity and quality over analog.

Does Limestone & Bracken Cable have HDTV?
Beginning July 31, 2006 Limestone and Bracken Cable will begin carrying High Definition signals from both broadcast stations out of Cincinnati and Lexington as well as premium HD signals, such as ESPN and Discovery.

Do I need a special television to receive HDTV?
Yes. In order to receive HDTV you must have a television that is HD capable. Currently there are 2 types of sets available; a HD Ready (Monitor) set and a HD Set with a built in tuner. Both types allow for the reception and display of High Definition signals, but the HD Ready (Monitor) requires an external tuner, which we lease for a small monthly fee.

I have heard that with an HDTV with a built- in tuner I can get free HD programs. Is this true?
If you are a Limestone and Bracken Cable subscriber and you have a HDTV with a built in tuner, you will be able to pick up our HD Basic tier without any additional subscription or cost. If you have a HDTV without the tuner then you can still receive these channels but will need to lease a tuner from us to allow reception.

What is a Cable Ready TV and a Cable Cardô?
A Cable Ready Television means it has a Cable Cardô slot that allows the television to receive subscription (premium) cable programming, which can include digital and/or high definition, without the use of an external converter or tuner. These cards are provided by the cable company and then authorized for the services you subscribe to.

I see on my current channels that a program is advertised as being High Definition, but it doesn't come as HD on my HDTV. Why?
This is the biggest misconception about HD programming. The channels we receive now are not HD but the same programming is being simulcast (broadcast on 2 channels) by the networks, both their analog channel and their HD Channel. For instance, Channel 5 WLWT, broadcasts the same programming on their analog Channel 5 (what you currently see as a subscriber) as they do on their HD Channel 5-1. So when you see the HD logo, or they say it is being broadcast in HD, it is only on their HD Channel that is being simulcast.

I have a new HDTV and turned to a High Def Channel but the program is not HD?
Currently not all programming, on even the HD channels, is broadcast in High Definition. The amount of HD programming is increasing everyday, and as more people get HD sets this will only spur broadcasters and programmers to offer more high definition programs.

On my new HDTV all the channels are not High Definition?
Only those channels being broadcast in HD by the network will be in HD format. This would include the channels in our HD Basic and HD Premier packages.

Why do some of my channels look worse on my new HDTV?
By nature an HDTV takes any signal it receives and tries to make it a HD picture. Some of the current channels being broadcast in analog do not have the resolution of an HD signal, so the flaws and shortcomings of an analog signal are amplified. Digital Signals, however, will look clearer and sharper on an HDTV.